The Devil All the Time 2020

Movie: The Devil All the Time


Genre: Thriller,  Drama

Director: Antonio Campos

Country: USA


Arvin Russell’s life is surrounded with the people who maintained a close connection with God. His grandmother and father both were good and practicing Christians. After seeing a fellow sergent skinned alive and crucified in the World War ll,¬† Arvin’s father Willard Russell who was a U.S. Marine , stopped praying as that horrible image would appeare in his mind whenever he looked at the Holy Cross.¬† But after marrying Charlotte and having Arvin he started praying again. He made his son pray with him too in front of the cross he made himself.¬† Suddenly Charlotte got cancer which broke Willard.¬† He prayed hard with Arvin to cure his wife. He even killed Arvin’s much loved dog as a sacrifice towards God. But couldn’t save her. So he killed himself too. This put a huge impact on Arvin’s life. He lost everything all the sacrifice didn’t mean anything in the end.


Three more stories were shown surrounding some people who were somehow connected to Arvin. His grandma wanted his father to marry Helen.¬† But married a preacher called Roy Laferty and had a girl , Lenora. Roy kills his beloved wife Helen as a sacrifice and showing gratefulness as he begged God to cure his illness.¬† He had the misconception of being able to resurrect his wife but it never happened.¬† So he decides to go back to his daughter but also gets killed by two serial murderers on the way. Upon both the incidents the two kids, Arvin and Helen grew up in Arvin’s grandma’s care as brother and sister.¬† They loved each other so much. Helen was always praying and a God loving teenager girl. Unfortunately the new young preacher named Reverend Preston in the church uses religion to manipulate her and assaults her. She eventually got pregnant and the pregnant. But Reverend scares her with the fear of humiliation in the town and tells her to get rid off the baby. Being shocked she decides to commit suicide. Then changes her mind at the last moment but it was too late as she slips and gets chocked with a rope and dies. Being fed up of all these incidents Arvin prepares to kill the preacher and leave the town. Then he faces some very unexpected and unfortunate events that leads to so many killings.


This movie amazingly represents how different people hold the idea of God in different ways. Some love God, some fear, some misunderstand and some use the idea of religion to fulfill their own evil intentions. But devil is always inside men leading them towards misguidance. It also shows how wrong way of practising a religion can impact others to grow wrong ideas and hatred. Almost all the characters had their own stories which was beautifully depicted with individual importance. The cast was amazing with country accent. There was an intense vibe throughout the movie which made it worthwhile. The Netflix movie is based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock of same name.

Image source: https://pin.it/bJ10OfO


Tom Holland

Bill Skarsgard

Robert Pattinson

Eliza Scanlen

Mia Wasikowska


Haley Bennett

Jason Clarke

Harry Melling

Sebastian Stan

and more.



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