Joji 2021

Movie: Joji

Genre: Crime,  Drama

Director: Dileesh Pothan

Country: India


The movie is about a household in Kerala which is dominated by Kuttappam. He has three sons Jomon, Jaison and Joji. Jomon is divorced and lives with his son Popy. He helps in the agricultural of their vast property. Jason has a wife named Bincy and he manages the family business.  While Joji is a college dropout and passes his days idly. He is close to Popy and Bincy. But thr members fear Kuttappam who is 74. Because of Joji’s careless attitude his father doesn’t really like him and physically abused him. But one day Kuttappam suffers a stroke while working in the yard. He is taken to hospital and doctor informs that he became paralysed.

This made the family members relaxed and they start doing whatever they want. They show how greedy they are and start spending money without their father’s permission.  Joji sells his horse. He even visits his father in hospital and mocks him for the abuse. Kuttappam’s state starts to degrade. This makes Jomon upset and he risks an operation. But fortunately it was a success and Kuttappam starts recovering. He comes home. Now the other members couldn’t do anything on their own. Meanwhile Bincy tells Jaison to convince Kuttappam for money to buy a new house but gets rejected. This makes Bincy upset that she shares with Joji. Joji now goes to his father and tells him to step down. But Kuttappam grabs him by the neck and reminds him his place. Now Joji becomes angry and makes plans to kill his own father. He buys different medicines and replaces them with Kuttappam’s original medicines. One day Bincy witnesses Joji’s doing and keeps it a secret. She and Jaison also wanted Kuttappam’s death. Eventually Kuttappam dies. Right after the funeral the family gathers to divide the property. But Jomon feels it’s disrespectful as his father has just died. So a heated argument takes place in between Jomon and Jaison. Unexpectedly Joji intervenes and talks about the values their father has taught. This behaviour shocks Bincy because she knows that Joji killed his father. But a rumour spreads that Kuttappam’s death was really unexpected as he was recovering. Maybe a family member was involved. Jomon asks Joji about it. He even tells him that his friend working in their garden saw him in their pond and walking joyfully on the day Kuttappam died. This agitates Joji and he does some really regretful.

The movie was inspired by William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. But in South Indian version. This family drama was kept simple but how people change or their intentions come out is beautifully portrayed. It’s worth a shot.


Fahadh Faasil


Unnimaya Prasad

Joji Mundakayam

Sunny PN

And more.


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