Pari 2018

Movie: Pari

Genre: Horror, Romance

Director: Prosit Roy

Country: India


The story begins with an incident where a satanic cult used to capture innocent young women and get them raped by the democ Ifrit so that they could give birth to its offsprings. It took place in a village of Bangladesh. Professor Qasim Ali used to capture those women with him vigilante group and kept them until they gave birth. After that they used to kill those demonic babies and captured them in glass jars. One of these women escaped from captivity and and gave birth to her child Rukhsana. The Professor couldn’t catch them. But later on his movement was shut down by the villager as it seemed to be violent.

A young man named Arnab who runs a printing press has his marriage fixed with a nurse named Piyali. From there he was returning home with his father but unfortunately he hits a woman with his car. She dies. Police and Arnab finds out her small hut inside the jungle. There they see Rukhsana was chained up and she was really dirty. Feeling sympathetic Arnab takes her responsibility as she doesn’t know anything outside this small hut. Arnab takes care of her. Slowly they start  becoming close. Meanwhile a mortuary assistant discovers the cult sign on Rukhsana’s mother’s body and informs the Professor. He makes preparations to get Rukhsana this time. But Arnab doesn’t know what Rukhsana really was. One night she bites a dogs and kills it to release her poison. Then she expresses her love for Arnab. When the Professor comes to Arnab and tells the truth about Rukhsana he doesn’t believe it and tells him to go away. But a fight takes place in between Arnab and the assistant. Rukhsana kills the assistant out of anger. She even gets jealous of Piyali and throws Arnab by his collar. Arnab realises that the profession was right. This takes a horrible turn in the movie.

The movie has both violence and expression of love. The ending was heart touching. Although none of these stories were true. But it’s worth watching.


Anushka Sharma

Parambrata Chatterjee

Rajat Kapoor

Ritabhari Chakraborty

Mithu Chakrabarty

And more.


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