Josee, the Tiger and the Fish 2020

Movie: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Genre: Drama, Romance, Animation

Director: Kotaro Tamura

Country: Japan


Tsuneo is a hardworking college student. He has a passion about different fish species. So he is both studying and doing a lot of part time jobs to save money so that he can go abroad to study further. He also works in a shop that requires scuba diving. He enjoys it much as he can get to explore under the see. One night when he was going home from work a girl on wheelchair was sliding down recklessly. She couldn’t control it. Tsuneo tried to stop her but she flew on him. They both fell but had no injury. The girl’s very old grandmother comes and finds them. She thanks Tsuneo for saving Kimiko. But Kimiko called him a pervert. Grandma invites Tsuneo for dinner and tells him that Kimiko was couldn’t walk since her birth. So she aks Tsuneo to take care of Kimiko and he will get paid well. But cannot take her out on his own. He agrees.

The next day when he comes Kimiko tells him to call her Josee. But she was not so welcoming to him. She gave him odd jobs like collective four leaves-clover. Tsuneo talked about it to his diving coworkers. They told him to quit as he does other part time jobs. The day he goes to Josee’s house he finds that she was missing. Her grandmother couldn’t find her. Tsuneo goes for looking and finds her near the rail tracks. Josee urges to Tsuneo to take her to the sea. They get on the train. Josee looked really happy and mesmerised throughout the journey. When she reached the shores she becomes so desperate to be in the water that she falls from the wheelchair and drags herself to touch the water. Tsuneo comes and lifts her on his arms. She starts shouting to put her down she wants to taste the water. She once asked her father how the sea water tastes. But before answering that he died. But her grandmother never lets her out saying the world is full of monsters. Tsuneo took her to the water on his arms and she tasted the salty water. They both enjoyed the moment and laughed like it was the happiest moment of their lives. After getting back Josee’s grandmother yells at Tsuneo and warns him not to take her away like that again. But Josee tells him that granny sleeps in the noon so they can go outside. So Tsuneo takes her to different places like movie, ice cream, parks and libraries. Josee loves painting the oceans, fishes and other stuff. She also loved reading books. Her life was confined inside the four wall so she didn’t even have friends. In the library she gets to know the librarian girl Kana. They become friends. Meanwhile Tsuneo gets a scholarship to study in Mexico. Everything was going wonderful until one day Josee’s grandma dies. Now she is all alone and has nobody to take care of her. She tells Tsuneo that she can no longer pay him as she has a little money left by her grandma. The story goes on with some sad moments and there remains a beautiful ending.

The anime is based on a short Japanese story by Seiko Tanabe of same name. It has two live actions. One In Japan and another in South Korea. But the animation is slightly different and it great with all the amazing colour combination. So it’s a must watch.



Kaya Kyohara

Taishi Nakagawa

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/7HXKUkw


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