The Maid 2020

Movie: The Maid

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Director: Lee Thongkham

Country: Thailand


The movie starts with incidents about hiring maids for a wealthy household. There live a couple Uma, her husband Nirach and their little daughter Nid. There were two other house maids, Hon and Mrs. Wan and driver Chai. The newly hired maid Fon experiences some terrorising supernatural events at the house. She even sees a therapist. But she also sees a horrible woman in that house which was a spirit. Fon leaves her job. Then a new maid named Joy is hired. Mrs. Wan explains her duties in the house and she needs to take care of Nid. She cannot talk or get involved in the internal family matters. She asks why this house has changed so many maids but doesn’t get a satisfying answer.

But joy also experiences supernatural occurrences and also sees that woman. As if the house is haunted by that woman’s spirit. One night she puts Nid to sleep and goes out for exploring the house. She sneeks into Nirach’ study room and finds a picture where Nirach, Uma and a former maid were standing. Joy identifies the woman who roams around the house. In the movie it is shown that Nirach and Uma were not happy with their marriage. Uma’s father used to give money to Nirach. The unhappiness led Nirach to grow closer to the former maid Ploy. While Joy was in Nirach’s study room the woman’s spirit scared Nid as well so she gets out of the bed. Then Joy takes her to bed and asks her if she sees that woman. She says she has seen her a lot. The next day Joy brings that photo to Uma and asks her who the maid was. Uma says her name was Ploy. One day she disappeared and no knows anything. Buy Joy asks the other maids and Chai. They also say the same things. Joy then sees Ploy and she shows Joy what happened to her. Ploy got pregnant with Nirach’s baby which angered Uma. But Nirach wanted the baby. After it was born everything went smoothly. But one day Ploy slips in the bathroom and hits her head so bad. She was bleeding a lot. Uma saw her but didn’t help. She was left to die. The housemaids and Chai wrapped her in plastic to bury. But she was still breathing. Nobody saved her and she was buried alive. It was revealed that Nid was actually Ploy’s daughter. Then the most twisted events happen.

The movie like another traditional horror film. The events are predictable. But still if you wanna enjoy your spare time you watch this Netflix movie.


Ploy Sornarin

Chi Wah Wong

Savika Chaiyadej

Teerapat Sajakul

Ratchanok Suwannaket

Kannaporn Puangtong

Venus Saksiri

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/658if8V


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