Last Night in Soho 2021

Movie: Last Night in Soho

Genre: Psychological,  Horror

Director:Edgar Wright

Country: UK 


A young girl named Ellie loves the 60s music and fashion. She aspires to be a fashion designer.  Her mother was also a designer but committed suicide when she was little. Interestingly she can see ghost of dead people like she can her mother’s on the mirror quite often. Soon she leaves her home and moves to London to study fashion designing in London College of Fashion.  There starts living in the dorm but her roommate was making it difficult for her. So she rents a nearby place owned by an old lady,  Ms. Collins.

While sleeping in that room she dreams of a young blonde woman named Sandie. The timeline was the 60s. She observed Sandie as she looked really bold. She was trying to be a singer at Cafe de Paris. She loved her charming style and confidence. A man named Jack was helping her to be a singer there and they seemed to be in a relationship. Ellie wakes up and feels really good as if that dream was real and refreshing.  Wherever she slept in her room she saw Sandie and Jack. She slowly started to dress like Sandie . She even changed her hair colour.  She avoids her friend John’s invitation to hang out just to see Sandie in her dreams. She was really happy until the dreams turn into nightmares.  Jack was actually using Sandie by lying and forced her to deal with her body. She got trapped into his business and her life became hell. Seeing this Ellie becomes extremely sad and depressed.  But she feels like shadowy spirits were haunting her. Soon things turn into a chaos.

The movie doesn’t have an extraordinary story. But the amazing twists and turn will make feel hopeful to watch till the end. All the mysteries unravel at the very end. This is a good one time watch film when you’re bored.


Thomasin McKenzie

Anya Taylor-Joy

Matt Smith

Terence Stamp

Rita Tushingham

Sam Claflin

Michael Ajao

And more.

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