Let Me In 2010

Movie: Let Me In

Genre: Horror,  Romance

Director: Matt Reeves

Country: US,  UK


The movie takes place in 1983. An ambulance is seen going to hospital with police protection. A strange patient is in very critical condition. His hands were shown only and the looked burned. After reaching the hospital,  a police officer tells the patient to speak up about his secret or they will find out. And leaves pen and paper. The patient writes something and falls of the window. He dies. His daughter came to the hospital but went away without meeting him or the police. Then the story goes back to two weeks earlier.

A twelve year old boy, Owen lives a miserable life. He is neglected by his parents cause they have divorced. He also gets bullied by Kenny and his friends badly at school. Most of the time he is alone and tries to face Kenny but is always scared. One night he sees a same ager girl walking on bare feet arrives with an old man in their building. Her name was Abby. She is Owen’s new neighbour. Owen becomes happy and thinks they will become friends. But Abby suddenly appears and tells him they can’t be friends. But slowly they start becoming closer and feelings developed. Abby tells Owen that he must fight back to the bullies but he is scared.  Abby tells him that she will protect him because she is more powerful than he thinks. Meanwhile Abby’s old man Thomas was seen to kill a lady and collect blood. This blood was for feeding Abby. That day he drops all blood and comes empty handed. Abby grows impatient and kills a man for blood. She is actually a vampire. Thomas buries the body. But soon Owen’s school gym teacher discovers the body when the kids were out for some activities. This makes the police hunt for what happened. From this point the story starts twisting and revealing about what Abby did from their and the burned man at the beginning.

The movie is a remake of a Sweedish film called Let the Right One In. The movie is a bit slow but has really good rating. You can give it a shot.  It’s not that scary but there is suspense, mystery and romance. 


Chloë Grace Moretz

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Elias Koteas

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/4Axjwjl


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