Mama 2013

Movie: Mama

Genre: Horror,  Supernatural

Director: Andy Muschietti

Country: Canada,  Spain, Mexico


Jeffery Disange was a stockbroker who lost his everything financial crisis of 2008. After this he became mentally frustrated and kills both of his partners and estranged wife. Not knowing what to do he took his daughters Victoria (3) and Lily (1) driving recklessly. At one point the car fell of the mountain and crashed into the woods. They all survived and Jeffery took them to an abandoned house in the the wood to kill them and commit suicide. As Victoria turned away a shadowy figure killed Jeffery. But Victoria couldn’t see clearly because of her eyesight problems. She and Lily stayed there alone but the shadow provided them food and protection.

On the other hand police couldn’t find Jeff and his two daughters. But Jeff’s twin brother didn’t lose hope and hired men for the search. Searching after five years they find his nieces in that abandoned house. They were in a very miserable state. Lily walked like an animal and couldn’t talk. But Victoria already knew how to talk. Both of them needed proper physical and mental care. But there was another problem as Victoria’s maternal great-aunt wanted their custody. But Lucas loved his nieces and wanted a chance. His girlfriend Annabel who was in a band also agreed to take care of the girls with Lucas.  The girls were put under observation of Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss. He found out the girls claimed to have a motherly figure who took care of them, sang and played with them in that house. They call her ‘ Mama’. Victoria even told him an odd story about Mama describing her features as if Mama was real. Here strange things start to happen in Lucas’s house too. Annabel hears someone singing and playing in the girls’ room. But when she goes she finds nothing.  Lucas once went to check upon the girls after hearing a noise but Mama appeared suddenly in front of him and he falls of the stairs. Unfortunately he goes into coma. Dr. Gerald starts investigating according to Victoria’s description and finds something similar which he keeps in his office. But Mama starts to scare Annabel this time. As if she doesn’t want Annabel get closer to the girls. Mystery starts unravelling when Dr. Gerald dies shockingly.

The movie is a horrible and beautiful presentation of a mother’s love for her children. No matter what happens a mother always comes looking for her children because nobody can love them more than her. The actors and story is both scary and painful. This is a must watch.


Jessica Chastain

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Megan Charpentier

Isabelle Nélisse

Daniel Kash

Javier Botet

And more.




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