No Time To Die 2021

Movie: No Time To Die 

Genre: Action,  Thriller,  Crime, Romance

Director:Cary Joji Fukunaga

Country: UK, US


The movie starts with a masked man intruding and killing a woman who happened to have a daughter. The daughter was asking her mother about her father. Her name was Madeleine Swann. When she goes to another room the masked man called Lyutsifer Safin kills her mother and comes to kill her too. But he leaves Madeleine. Years later Madeleine is seen to enjoy her happiest time with James Bond in Italy. Madeleine convinces Bond to visit Vesper’s tomb and forgive her. When he reaches there he gets ambushed by SPECTRE organisation and somehow escapes. One f the assassins tells him that it was Madeleine who led him towards the ambush. Being doubtful Bond severs all ties with her and tells her to leave without listening to her.

Five years later a scientist named Valdo gets kidnapped who was doing a very important research that could be dangerous. He prepared to create a deadly bioweapon. So CIA agents reach him for his help in rescuing Valdo. At first he declines but when Nomi who happens to be his successor of 007 after his retirement,  tells him about Valdo’s research so he agrees. From this point starts a whole lot of twists and turns with a lot of action.

This is the last movie by Daniel Craig as James Bond in 007 series. His actions were no less then his first appearance. Here some new and wonderful mysteries unveil. But the ending will make you sad since he bids farewell.


Daniel Craig

Léa Seydoux

Rami Malek

Lashana Lynch

Ben Whishaw

Naomie Harris

And more.



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