Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021

Movie: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Genre: Fantasy,  Action,  Drama

Director: Jon Watts

Country: USA


After Spiderman’s identity gets revealed to the world, Peter and his friends get into unnecessary attention. So he decides he would meet Doctor Strange and request him to cast a spell so that everybody forgets that he is the Spider-Man. Doctor Strange agrees and while casting the spell Peter interrupts him several time that creates disruption and opens the multiverse. Then troubles from every world comes following Peter Parker.

Anything about this movie is a precious spoiler. The action, drama and a fantastic ending of the origin story to the new Peter Parker will blow your mind. This is a must watch movie. Don’t miss it out as it’s a perfect shot with friends. The exciting twists will make you wish it never ends.


Tom Holland


Jacob Batalon

Benedict Cumberbatch

And more.


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