Parasite 2019

Movie : Parasite (2019)

Genre : Thriller,  Comedy

Country: South Korea

Director: Bong Joon- ho


The financial knife that cuts the society into different classes often creates tension and disaster. People living in the lower class always cling to the very desire to climb up and lead an easy life decorated with luxury.  Some work hard  to make their ways and on the other hand some look for cunning steps for a shorcut. While the upper class mostly do not even know or care what struggle these people go through. But they depend on the lower class to ensure a happy luxurious life.


The movie focuses on similar circumstances of our society of the poor and rich. It all started with struggling scenes of the poor Kim family. The four family members try to do whatever they can to make ends. They live in a shabby place barely making a living and always hoping for a miracle to turn their miserable into happiness.  The chance came right in when the very rich Park family was looking for a home tutor for their daughter.  This was a huge opportunity for Kim family.  They took advantage of this and slowly with their tricks they replaced all the working hands in Park family. Here the movie becomes intriguing and unexpected events keeps happening.  Truths of the society was so cruel on both of the families that faced some very unfortunate incidents.

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Cast and awards:

movie is indeed another masterpiece of the famous South Korean director Bong Joon-ho. The ‘Memories of Murder’ famed  director did not let down once again. Every one the scenes at the starting was as ordinary as it could be. The movie was a bit slow at the beginning but who knew it will turn out to be a mind blowing story that is full of twists. How some ordinary people are able to do some extraordinary stuff when their survival extinct gets triggered. The whole cinematography was as perfect as a twisted thriller should be. The movie starred Song Kang-ho, Lee San-kyun, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, Cho Yeo-jeong and others. These actors did a brilliant job portraying their roles giving them life. The movie showed an unfortunate reality of this world. Well depiction, diection and amazing  performance made it a masterpiece.  This film won many awards and  Academy Award in different categories including the best picture and the best director. This the first foreign language movie that won the best picture award.


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