The Haunting of Hill House

Series: The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Genre: Horror,  Mystery

Season: 1

Episodes : 10

Country: USA


The series is actually a metaphor encircling the lives of the members of Crain family. Hugh and Olivia Craig had five children – Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Eleanor (Nell). They decide to move into the Hill House. The mansion was situated in the middle of nowhere.  Unaware of the House’s secrets they start to enjoy living in the mansion. Soon after moving almost all the members started to notice strange events occurring both inside and around the house ground. The house was surrounded with ghosts that had terrifying looks. The ghosts would appeare at night and make their appearance noticeable by frightening the children specially,  Nell.  She could always see a ghost , the Bent Neck Lady. Until one night all the ghosts started terrifying them that they had to leave. Unfortunately on that night the mother died. All the children later grew up but could never let go of that trauma. Their lives were interrupted by the haunting of Hill House. The real horror was then to start. Till the end of the series all the characters showed brilliant cooperation and great depiction of the beautiful story.


Losing a loved one deeply connected to our heart can get the hardest that we may try so bad to burry the emotions within. We deny the fact that we lost them. Our denial becomes our anger,our anger makes us bargain. The more we bargain the more we get depressed. Finally we accept our loss. Whatever we do,how deeper we may dig to hide or escape the grief that was caused by the loss, keeps haunting us in the scariest way. Our imagination breaks into the reality making us insane. Sometimes our heart cannot take it. Our guilt and sadness get entangled and we wish what we could’ve done to save our loved ones. Like Steve said,”A ghost is a wish”. The more we run from the truth the more it haunts us. So the only way out is to let go and accept. Our loved ones and our past selves may never return but we can always move forward and make the future better. We must take care of what we have. Even if it’s only some memories. ‘The Haunting of Hill House ‘(season 01) is one of the best series I’ve ever seen. If you think it’s only a horror show then it’s a big no. I would prefer calling it a hell of an emotional ride.

Image source: https://pin.it/51ok8V4


Victoria Pedretti

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Kate Siegel

Carla Gugino

Henry Thomas

Elizabeth Reaser

Katie Parker and others.



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