Squid Game

Series: Squid Game

Genre: Thriller,  Action,  Drama

Season: 1

Episodes: 9

Country: South Korea


The Series start with a common storyline of some people who were badly suffering because of their poor financial status. Some needed to support their families or take care of some personal matters as they were drownedin debt. Among them Seong Gi-hun wanted back his daughter’s custody. To have it he needed a strong financial state. Eventually he gets an offer to play games and win a huge amount of money if he wins. He was brought by some unknown men wearing weird and covered up uniform.  When he enters the place he finds 455 more people who accepted the offer like him. Then the game was explained to them. The winner will get 45.6 billion Won.

The game was the total sum of various game that are played by children. At first it seemed amazing but when they entered the first game arena the losing person was killed. People were stricken by fear and panic and almost half of them were killed in the first game. After that most of the players decided to leave the game. However they could resume it if most of them decided to come back. After going back all of them felt dire need of money so most of them come back. Then starts the real tragedy. The series takes a different turn from that point. Need of money and wanting to survive made each player more than desperate. They did whatever they could.

Squid Game is now the most watched Netflix show and has earned tremendous live from the viewers. Only 9 episodes made the impossible possible. It has broken records. The Thrill, twists and class hierarchy in the society and the consequences were shown mesmerisingly. This is a must watch show.


Lee Jung-jae

Park Hae-soo

Jung Ho-yeon

O Yeong-su

Heo Sung-tae

Anupam Tripathi

And more.






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