Stoker 2013

Movie: Stoker

Genre: Thriller,  Horror

Director: Park Chan-wook

Country: US, UK


India Stoker is left with her mother Evelyn Stoker on her 18th birthday after her father Richard Stoker dies in a car accident. Richard was so dear to India and a loving father. While they mourn in his funeral, a handsome man appears. He was Richard’s younger brother Charlie. But bothe the mother and daughter never heard that Richard had a brother. Charlie tells them that he has been travelling a lot and now had has come to stay with them for a while and help them in absence of his brother. But India did not find Charlie that much convincing. After his arrival the head care take of the house Mrs. McGarrick disappears after an argument with Charlie. She had known him since he was a little boy.

Charlie seduces Evelyn and they become intimate with each other. He also put on effort to get closer to India but India was not so easy to convince like her mother. After a  while India’s great aunt Gwendylon comes to visit. She gets surprised to see Charlie lying about his travelling. She tells Evelyn she needs to talk about Charlie. But Evelyn doesn’t really take it seriously. Gwendylon leaves the place and goes to a hotel for her safety from Charlie. Before that she gives her number to India. But when she calls India Charlie finds her and strangles her to death with his belt. Meanwhile India goes the basement freezer for ice cream. But she finds Mrs. McGarrick’s frozen body. She realises that Charlie did that but keeps quiet. India is bullied at school and when she snaps out at her bully a boy named Whip defends her. Coming home she sees her mother and Charlie being intimate. So she decides to hook up with Whip in the woods. But Whip tries to rape her. At that moment Charlie comes and strangles Whip to death. Both Charlie and India buries Whip’s body in the woods. But India secretly calls in the number of her great aunt. Unfortunately she finds the phone in the woods and discovers Charlie killed her as well. Then India finds gets a key as her birthday present which belonged to Richard’s desk. She opens it and finds letters that was sent by Charlie from a mental institution. When she confronts Charlie about it ,Charlie spills out all the horrible truths.

The movie has a gloomy aura and a bit slow. Apart from that the story and cinematography was good enough. This is a perfect movie for anyone who loves gloomy aesthetic vibes with some mystery hidden in it. It’s the English movie debut for the famous South Korean director Park Chan-wook.


Mia Wasikowska

Nicole Kidman

Matthew Goode

Dermot Mulroney

And more.


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