The Curse of La Llorona 2019

Movie: The Curse of La Llorona

Genre: Horror

Director: Michael Chaves

Country: US


La Llorona is a Mexican folklore about a young beautiful woman, Maria. She married a rich man and had two sons. After their birth the couple had a troubled relationship. Maria discovered that her husband was having an affair. It made her devastated and out of rage and despair she drowns her own sons. Right after that she realised she committed a huge mistake and then she started weeping. She roamed around crying endlessly. Finally she drowns herself too. But because of her sin she neither went to hell or heaven. Legend says she she roams around at night in search of her children. If she finds them she get rid of the curse. It happened in 1673.

In 1973 , a caseworker Anna comes for housecheck in Los Angeles in the house of a mother named Patricia. She had allegations of hiding her two sons. Anna finds them in a small room of the house and Patricia gets arrested. She says that her children are not safe outside the room. La Llorona will take and drown them. But doesn’t believe her and takes the children to a facility. She discovers burned spots on their hands. There the children see a white dressed woman who appears in front of them. She then attacks and drowns them in the river.  Anna comes to the scene. But she brings her son and daughter as it was late night. Patricia screams and blames Anna for her children’s death. Anna’s son Chris walks out of the car but La Llorona comes in a white dress and holds him by his hands. She stalks him to the car but leaves when Anna comes. This leaves burns on  Chris’s hand. The family leave the place. Next Sam is attacked and get same burns while having a bath. Anna encounters her but gets burns too. Now she believes Patricia. She meets father Perez for help. But he remembers a similar experience with a cursed doll. What Anna wanted needed permission from the Church but it will be late. So Perez tells her to seek help of a former priest Rafael. He knew how to protect the children.  He makes a protective circle in the house where La Llorona cannot enter. But Anna’s daughter accidentally breaks it and gets forcefully taken into the pool. Anna gets into the pool to save her but La Llorona is stronger and tries to drown both. Will they be saved?

The movie has twists and turns.  There is a little connection with the Conguring verse. Horror lovers can definitely watch it although it is not that horrifying. Still worth a shot.


Linda Cardellini

Marisol Ramirez

Raymond Cruz

Tony Amendola

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/pn4I8JB


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