Super Deluxe 2019

Movie: Super Deluxe

Genre: Drama, Thriller,  Mystery

Director: Thiagarajan Kumararaja

Country: India


The movie contains four individual stories that somehow gets connected with each other. The circumstances and consequences of each everyone’s actions leads to meet each other as well. The stories involve an unfaithful wife, a reckless boy, his parents and an estranged father.

Rasukutty and his mother together but his father Manickam has left them. He has become a trans-woman named Shilpa and after a while he comes to meet them. Rasukutty is bullied at school for not having his father by his side. Now that he has returned the little boy becomes really happy and they go out to have a great time. But the school boys now bulky him more as his father is a trans. But Rasukutty defends his father and they leave. While they were enjoying their time, Shilpa and Rasukutty gets detached in the crowd. So Manickam goes to the police station to find her son. Unfortunately they don’t believe her and a characterless officer, Berlin harasses and beats her badly. Then she curses him to death and leaves only to fine her son at home. Rasukutty tells Shilpa not to leave them again as he and his mother has accepted the way she is.

Vaembu and Mugil are unhappy married couple. Vaembu becomes intimate with her ex boyfriend while Mugil was away.  Unfortunately her ex dies on bed and Mugil comes back home and becomes both sad and angry. Now what will they do? So they try to hide the corpse and put it in their car so that they can throw it away. But a greedy police officer followed and blackmailed them. It was none other than Berlin. They go to an abandoned factory. He offers them to hide what they were doing in exchange of Vaembu fulfilling his sexual desires. But at that time a TV falls on Berlin and he dies. The couple escapes and reconciles.

Some underage boys try to watch porn so they buy dvds and put in on TV. Unfortunately when it starts they find out that the woman in the port was one of those boys’ Soori’s mother Leela. Stories angrily breaks the TV. But the TV belonged to Thuyavan’s father. He is afraid if he finds out he will kill him. So to collect money they go to a local goon for work. He offers them the money in exchange for killing someone but they fail. They try to steal money from a house and fail too. But there was a girl with magical powers who help them buy the TV. So they toss the old one that fell on Berlin resulting his death.

The last story is about Soori’s parents Leela and Arputham. Leela is casted on porn films so his angry son tries to kill he with a screw driver but accidentally stabs himself. So she takes him to the hospital and informs Arputham. But he believes that the statue of Jesus will heal his son. In 2004 Tsunami he held on to that statue and got saved. After that he became a Christian and believes in its powers.  But Leela tells him that their son needs medical treatment. And asks him question if held on to a Teddy bear would he worshipped that too? This makes him puzzled and while thinking about it he meets Shilpa. At that time she was looking for Rasukutty. Knowing Arputham a Christian she confesses that she used to kidnap and sold little kids. Now her own child is missing. But she was saved in the same tsunami by holding onto a rock. But she didn’t worship it. So Arputham angrily breaks the statue and finds hidden diamonds. He sells them and spends the money for his son’s treatment.

The movie has some hidden details specially with colours. At the end of the movie their is a brief explanation about the interconnection between every incident. This South Indian movie is worth a shot.


Vijay Sethupathi

Fahadh Faasil

Ramya Krishnan


And more.

Image: https://pin.it/1nZJfKj


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