Terraforming Venus

Have we ever imagined living on a planet that has nothing to support living beings? Well colonising a new planet is one of the most discussed and even dreamed topic nowadays. There has been a lot of movies, documentaries and even TV series. But the most desirable planten has been Mars. It is said that compared to other planets Mars can be considered for colonising because it has many similarities or bearable atmospheric situation. However this video by Kursgesgt – In A Nustshell have discussed elaborately about colonising Venus.

Venus is not a dreamy planet to live at all. The atmosphere of this planet is very cruel to any living being of Earth let alone humans. The planet has one of the highest temperatures that will melt metals easily. The air pressure on its surface is so high that humans will get bursted let alone live. Moreover it has different gravity that is really unhealthy for us. So how can we terraform Venus? This is beautifully discussed through such a mesmerising animation in the video. It illustrates the possibilities,  applications, plans etc to make the planet eligible to live a healthy life. If it becomes possible then Venus can be the second largest planet to hold human population.  Although it may take a lot of generations to turn the planet livable. To see the rest go through the video.


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