Argentine Ants


Humans are a greedy species. Greedy for, greedy for power and dominance. They even wage war against each other. That’s very evident in everyday news. But is it only the humans? Not at all. One of biggest ant colonies is produced by the Argentine ants. In the past they dominated the area in  South American river Parana. Even though they much smaller in size then the other competitor ants such as fire ants and worker ants, they still managed to survive and later dominated on other species.

The secret behind their dominance is their huge population. The number of these ants is from millions to billions. No other ant species can win any fight against them. They would aggressively fight for every inch of land. That was before humans colonised the area. After the humans arrived the ants spread their colonies throughout the world such as North America, Japan, Australia, Europe and more. But now their dominance is being challenged specifically by the fire ants who are much larger and dangerous than these small Argentine ants. Also they are forming megacolonies. So can they fight against the supercolonies of Argentine ants? To know that watch this amazing animation by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell.




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