The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016

Movie: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Director: André Øvredal

Country: US, UK


At a crime scenes of multiple homicide police finds an unidentified, unscathed dead body of a young woman. She was buried and her eyes were wide open. As there was no forced entry the police thought maybe the victims killed the woman and tried to escape. So that body was sent for autopsy. Meanwhile,  Austin and his father Tommy were forensic experts working together in a forensic lab. They were doing an autopsy of a burned body. After finishing Aunstin’s girlfriend Emma arrives and wanted to see a dead body for the first time. Austin took out one body that was covered and there was a bell tied around its toe. Tommy explains that there was a time when people couldn’t tell if the person is dead or in coma. To confirm movements they used to tie bells. But nowadays science has evolved and it’s not needed. But Tommy still does that.

Emma and Austin were about to go on a date  but that unidentified body named Jane Doe arrives for a quick autopsy. They have to report it in the morning to police. So Austin cancels his date and gets to work with his dad. They get confused when they start working. Sometimes doesn’t add. The body had no scratch on the outside apart from broken wrist and ankles. Her tongue was cut out and a molar tooth was missing. But inside of the body her lungs seemed to be burned badly,  other internal organs were cut or bruised and damaged. Inside her stomach they find a paralysing agent which was Jimsonweed. It was not native. From the body it seemed as if she had just died but the discolouration of her eyes tells she had been dead for a long time. Then mysterious events occur. The radio channels were changing in its own and settled to one particular song that said ‘”Open you heart, let the sunshine in”. Austin feels there’s someone standing in the hallway but finds no one. A storm was coming.  Austin find his cat badly wounded so Tommy kills it to lessen its misery. After that they find Jane’s missing tooth wrapped with a cloth inside her stomach. There were roman numbers written on the cloth. It seemed as if the body was cursed with black magic. Then they face some horrible and tragic events.

The film is full of mystery and inexplicable situations. But it’s thrilling to watch. It’s worth a shot.


Emile Hirsch

Brian Cox

Ophelia Lovibond

Olwen Kelly

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/6XtryHH


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