The Boys

Series: The Boys (2019)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fiction

Season: 1, 2,–

Episodes: 18

Country: USA


Superheroes are the world saviours.  To some they are god-like. They are worshipped, cherished and idolised in everyday life. Some have their separate fan base. Their popularity in the lives of normal is unimaginable. But are superheroes always heroes? Are they always sinless? What if they are actually feeding off this popularity and multimillion dollar business takes all the advantages ?

The Boys tells the opposite story of basic superheroes franchise. Heroes can also be corrupted and take advantage of common people. They are not the heroes we think they are. This series focuses on a bunch of superheroes that work under a giant company named Voight.  Homelander, A-Train, Deep, Queen Maeve, Starlight,  Translucent, Black Noir and Stormfront  work as The Seven. They have different job which require their superpower and then they get paid from Vought.  But all their dirty secrets start coming out with an incident where A-Train accidentally smashes Hughie’s girlfriend. The fastest human A-Train did not even bother to repent or show any remorse. The company wanted to hide it by giving Hughie some money. Shocked and angry Hughie couldn’t accept it and wanted revenge.  Here come Billy Butcher who offers Hughie to join him so that they can expose all these so called life saviours and take revenge.  Billy despises these superheroes because they ruined his life too. Later on some other valuable members like Frenchie, MM and Kimiko joins the team- The Boys. Starlight also joins them betraying the Seven when she discovers the reality behind Vought and its nasty intentions. All together with their own resources and plan they were able to kill Translucent.


Homelander is the leader of the Seven yet the most merciless and with his fake charm and immense strength he tries to control everyone and everything.  He tries to catch the Boys and kill them. Other team members except Starlight fight against the Boys to bring them down.  It is the fight between the powerful and the powerless. The first season is really dynamic and full of action. There are more twists and fun than the second season which is a bit slow, less action and too much drama. Inspite of having these lacking the show is worth a shot. It has humour and violence altogether with some unexpected turn of events.  You will get to see some amazing stars like Karl Urban, ElizabethShue and Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito  . Season 3 is coming soon.

Image source: https://pin.it/506IVYI


Jack Queid

Antony Starr

Karl Urban

Laz Alonso

Karen Fukuhara

Erin Moriarty

Jessie Usher

Simone Pegg

Tomer Kapon

Elizabeth Shue

Giancarlo Esposito

and many more.




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