Gone Girl 2014

Movie: Gone Girl

Genre: Psychothriller,  Mystery

Director: David Fincher

Country: USA


The happily married Dunne couple was about to celebrate their 5th anniversary.  To the world they were a joyous couple who lived an ordinary life. Suddenly Amy Dunne disappeared. The police came for investigation.  At first they only saw  broken glass of a table nothing else. Soon after they find swept blood traces and as the only person living with Amy, her husband Nick Dunne is taken as the primary suspect. But Nick denys all the charges saying he has nothing to do about it.


Amy is a former writer who happened to be really famous.  After marrying Nick her adventurous life ended spending all her time and savings for the family including taking care of Nick’s sick mother. She became a full time housewife that she never wanted to be. Also Nick loses his job and spends all Amy’s savings. He acted like he doesn’t care about the family anymore. He lost interest from Amy. He even treated Amy like she was just a body to fulfill his needs. But Amy endured everything because she wanted to be a good wife to her beloved husband.  On top  of everything Nick’s behaviour became aggressive that she got  so scared of him and kept a gun in case of self defence.  Still she did not protest or did anything like that until one day she discovered that Nick was having an affair with a much younger girl who was one of Nick’s students.  That completely broke Amy into pieces. These were found in Amy’s diary that was discovered by the lead investigator detective Rhonda Boney. She found it almost burnt like someone tried to get rid of the evidence. Up until now all of the evidences pointed towards Nick. But he constantly kept saying these were all lies.

The story just starts here. All the thrilling twists are yet to come with the movie proceeding. This movie is another masterpiece piece of David Fincher.  His movies have a unique quality to make all the assumptions  go upside down. It gets hard to guess what actually happens in his movies. The amazing direction and wonderful dark cinematography with a great screenplay gave it a quality to make viewers wonder and cling to the very end. Even after having some flaws it is one of the perfect psychothriller that represents the hidden behaviour a person that comes out really calmly with dangerous outcomes. The characters were played very smoothly by all the actors and actresses. Rosamund Pike was merciless portraying the cunning lady Amy Dunne. The movie was able to get many awards and nominations including the Academy Awards in different categories.

Image source: https://pin.it/rqXTc9h


Rosamund Pike

Ben Affleck

Neil Patrick Harris

Carrie Coon

Tyler Perry

Emily Ratajwosky

And many others.



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