The Feeling of Nostalgia

The feeling of missing something that happened on a regular basis or a place which was home of remembering activities that were a part of life is called Nostalgia.  In late 17th century a medical student observed some symptoms like fatigue, indigestion,  insomnia and more in Swiss mercenaries who served abroad. These symptoms were caused by the memories of their homeland. He named this condition as Nostalgia. Longing for home. Till 20th century it was viewed as a neurological disease. Anyone away from home had Nostalgia.

Nostalgia was seen much more in  people who migrated. But different group of people showed the symptoms differently. But with time Nostalgia was no longer only associated as something unpleasant. The idea shifted from only missing home to missing something was was done often. There are also things that trigger a certain memory one start missing. Such as old photos, a particular food item, smell and fragrance etc. Nostalgia makes people remember many pleasant feelings like something rewarding that happened may years ago. They live a fraction of the past on their present and feel happy. It boosts psychological well-being. People naturally use nostalgia to reduce their stressful state and restore their well-being. Almost like a coping mechanism.

There are many studies that were conducted on nostalgia. You may search and read about them on various papers. Also to know more you can watch this Ted Ed video on Nostalgia. Make sure to watch it.




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