Love, Death+Robots

Series: Love, Death+ Robots 

Genre: Sci-fi, Anthology, Action, Fantasy  Horror  Comedy

Episodes: 35

Seasons: 1,2,3,—–


Love, Death + Robots is a very unique adult cartoon series aired on Netflix. Each episode vary from the other in their stories and genres. The idea representing is very unique.  The very first episode is based on a Cyberpunk society. Where creatures wrestling is shown and they are like avatars controlled by a human body. The date is in far future when humans can transfer their minds in different bodies and gain immortality.

The animation of different episodes are produced by different studios with different narrative. Also produced in different countries. The series is a reboot of the 1981 science fiction animation film Heavy Metal. The series is divided into 3 volumes or seasons. The first one contains 18 episode,  the second one has 8 and the latest one has 9 episodes. These episodes are very short ranging from 18-20 minutes. The 3rd season has just been aired and it has created a lot excitement with a special dance in a certain episode. So if you are looking for something different out of ordinary, this series is a must. You can watch from any episode you like since every one of them has separate Storylines. So watch it and have fun. Here is the trailer for volume1, volume 2 and volume 3.




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