The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014

Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Genre: Drama  Comedy

Director: Wes Anderson

Country: US, Germany


The story starts with a young girl regarding the book named ” The Grand Budapest Hotel ” in the cemetery of the author. In the book he describes his experience when he stayed in that hotel in 1968. He tells that the hotel was once full of guests but not anymore. He got to meet the hotel’s owner Zero Moustafa. Zero tells about his time in this hotel which was the sum of some amazing incidents.

He was a young boy when he got hired as a lobby boy. M. Gustavo was a fastidious concierge who used to be very good looking and seduced old wealthy clients. That hotel was full of these rich people because of Gustave. Among them Madam D. had a very long time affair and she was 84. She told Gustave that she was afraid of going back to home. But Gustave convinced her and sent her home. After that Zero saw in the newspaper that war could break out at anytime. So he brought that to Gustave and he also saw the death news of Madame D. Which was mysterious. Gustave took Zero and left for paying her a last visit. But there he meets Madame D’s greedy son Dimitri who was after his mother’s will. But her lawyer says the will was missing.  So Dimitri accused Gustave and demanded his arrest. But Gustave and Zero managed to escape with a painting from the house. But the housekeeper saw them and wrapped the painting for them but he hid a confidential document behind the painting without anyone’s knowledge. The he gave it to Gustave. He came back and reserved the painting in his hotel. Here Zero fell in love with the pastry girl Agatha. But Dimitri didn’t stop. He came with police and his hired killer. He already killed the family lawyer and then killed more people. The story takes a lot of twists and turns from this part. It also tells how Zero Moustafa became the owner of this hotel from a refugee lobby boy.

This amazing movie has a pretty pleasant aesthetic with the the shades of pink. An amazing story and a bunch of Hollywood stars made a brilliant casting. The cinematography with the amazing characters made it a beautiful masterpiece. It won four Academy Awards in different categories along with other prestigious awards. This is a must watch.


Ralph Fiennes

Tony Revolori

F. Murray Abraham

Adrien Brody

Willem Dafoe

Saoirse Ronan

Tilda Swinton

Jude Law

Bill Murray

And more.


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