The Great Wall 2016

Movie: The Great Wall

Genre: Action,  Fantasy

Director: Zhang Yimou

Country: USA,  China


The story is about two men travelling a long way to China in search of black powder. But on their way their whole group was attacked by some creatures. Somehow two of them fought and cut one of its hands. They took it with them to know what attacked them as they couldn’t really see. So they reach the great wall of China and get captured by the Chinese army. They are suspected to be dangerous so the Chinese army wanted to kill them. But when they said about the attack and show that hand, the people do not kill them. Rather they are tied up.

Suddenly a huge swarm of those creatures attack the wall and kill a lot of people. Those two men fight bravely and kill some of those creatures. The queen of that swarm suddenly retreats and they get saved. The two men get praised for their fighting skills and the army keep them with respect. They meet another man who also came in search for black powder. But the Chinese army never let him free as he was a foreigner like them. But they still plan to get out from here after stealing the black powder. Unfortunately fate had some other plans. The creature start attacking them again.

The film is  full action and mystical events. Although apart from these the story is not that much appealing. But it’s a good watch if you are in mood for some fantasy action.


Matt Damon

Jing Tian

Pedro Pascal

Willem Dafoe

Andy Lau

And more.


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