The Miracle

Movie: The Miracle/ Mucize

Genre: Drama, Slice of life

Director: Mahsun Kırmızıgül

Country: Turkey


The story follows Mahir who is a teacher in a city of Turkey in 1960s. He has a wife and two little daughters. Suddenly the government transfers him to a a remote village surrounded by mountains. His wife disagrees but Mahir thinks about the people getting educated. So he starts his journey. After a lot of struggle he finally reaches there. But when he gets there the village people tells him that there is no school. And because of the political issues it was not possible to set up a school with government help. So Mahir sits with the elders and the village head. He plans to make a school on his own. They all agree. Mahir also wants the girls to study there too. The village head agrees and with the from all villagers they finally make complete a school. Mahir becomes their humble teacher and teaches them with so much care.

The village had four sons. Among them Aziz was disabled. So the people and children used to tease him. He was all shabby and neglected. This catches Mahir’s attention and he feels really sad for him. So he starts to teach Aziz as well. To this the village head and others become happy and emotional. Before Mahir no one treated Aziz with so much respect and care. Mahir soon becomes like a family member to them. But life had other plans and all that happened were unexpected.

Thus Turkish movie is so beautiful that you will start crying or feel heavy just by seeing the warmth of ordinary people. This is a must watch movie. The way love, friendship, respect and humbleness were portrayed was marvellous. You will have nice day after watching this.


Mahsun Kırmızıgül

Talat Bulut

Mert Turak

seda tosun 

And more.


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