The Piper 2015

Movie: The Piper

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director:  Kim Gwang-tae

Country: South Korea


The story follows the aftermath of Korean war in 1950. A father Woo-ryong and his son Young-nam are headed to Seoul for Young-nam’s treatment. He has tuberculosis. On the way they stay in an abandoned house for a night. Woo-ryong could play flute and the melody was so charming that the whole area went mesmerising. The wind blew heavily that a gate went down opening a new path. When it was morning the father and son go that new way and find a little village. The children and people gave them suspicious look. Some of the children’s ears seemed as if they were eaten. However the village head welcomed them.

He offers them some food and asks about why they came here. Woo-ryong tells him they are headed to Seoul for Young-nam’s treatment. There is an American doctor who gave an address but he doesn’t know English. He plays flute and makes herbal medicine. But it’s not enough for the treatment. So he asked the head for some days so that they can rest as it is a long journey. But the village head didn’t seem to like the idea. So he lied about the doctor’s note and tells him to reach Seoul the next week. But for now they can stay. He also reveals that the villagers don’t know the war has ended. Woo-ryong must not tell them about it. But them Woo-ryong gets to know that the village was plagued by rats. They even attack children and feed on animals. The villagers tried to kill them but nothing works. So Woo-ryong offers to help with his pipe and his hand made medicines. The village head offers him money as well. Woo-ryong was successful. But the village head did not keep his word. Rather he conspires against Woo-ryong and kicks them out of the village. From this point the movie reveals that an exorcist and some leprosy suffering people were mercilessly killed by the village head. The exorcist cursed them before she died. Then there are turns of events that make the story more intense.

The movie is based on the age old story of Pied Piper of Hamilon. But it has its own uniqueness with all the horrible incidents and a merciless ending. This is a must watch.


Ryu Seung-ryong

Lee Sung-min

Chun Woo-hee

Lee Joon

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/24HCerB


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