The Whole Truth 2021

Movie: The Whole Truth

Genre: Horror,  Mystery

Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

Country: Thailand


A single mother Mai lives with her teenager daughter Pim and son Putt. Putt has disability and cannot walk properly but he was talented painter. Whereas Pim is beautiful and she is the cheerleading captain at her school. Suddenly their mother faces a car accident and goes into coma. This incident is notified by Putt and Pim’s grandfather. They go to see Mai and meets their grandmother too who was acting strange seeing Putt. Another strange thing was both of the children never met their grandparents before. Now they go live with them in their house.

After arriving granny was always forcing Putt to drink milk but not Pim. They discover a very weird hole on the hallway wall. After looking into it they see a darkened room and a little girl who was scary as if it was ghost. The girl was vomiting blood. When they talk about it with their grandfather he says he doesn’t see anything. Whenever they look in the hole the girl seems to be approaching them. Meanwhile Putt’s health becomes weaker day by day. He even coughs blood. On the other hand their grandfather goes to the police for information about her daughter’s accident. It was caused by the car of a drunk guy who happened to be the son of a rich guy. He assumes that another guy gave false confession. Meanwhile Mai gets up from coma and becomes terrified by hearing that her children are staying with her parents. So she secretly leaves the hospital. Here the cat that drank milk that granny gives to Putt dies. At this point all the secrets are revealed.

The movie is full of mysteries from the very beginning. But everything becomes clear at the last moment. There were two more side stories in the movie which may seem to be a little unnecessary and time consuming. But it’s worth a shot Netflix movie. So give it a try.


Sutatta Udomsilp

Nattapat Nimjirawat

Sompob Benjathikul

Tarika Tidatith

Nicole Theriault

Sadanont Durongkhaweroj

Keetapat Pongruea

Thasorn Klinnium

Steven Isarapong Fuhrer

Atichart Lee

Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn

Chalita Mangkornpunt



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