The Invisible Man 2020

Movie : The Invisible Man (2020)

Genre: Thriller, crime, horror

Country: USA

Director: Leigh Whannell


Imagine getting locked up in a gigantic mansion with the person you thought loved you. But with time it is revealed that you have been wrong all along. That is what happened with Cecililia. Her boyfriend,  Adrian kept her with himself and never let her out. He constantly kept her under surveillance so that she could not escape. After many attempts Cecililia finally got the opening and escaped. But her dominating and over-possessive boyfriend, Adrian tried his best to stop her yet failed. Cecililia hid herself in a friend’s home with her sister’s help. After a while she got news of Adrian’s death. Finally she was free or as she thought. Adrien’s brother offered her a huge amount of money and told that Adrian loved her so he left it to ensure she gets an easy life.  Cecililia was really happy. Unfortunately,  the happiness didn’t last long. Every time  she felt someone was watching her. Things around her went messed up on their own. She was charged with crimes she didn’t commit. It was like an invisible force was doing everything. She lost everyone she knew. She was all alone and helpless. No one could help her because nobody believed that she was innocent. She was locked up. No matter how much she tried to explain that there was an invisible force that was doing everything,  nobody considered her sane. She was declared as a crazy women.

Will she be able to prove herself innocent when she is surrounded by an unknown foe? How will she fight off all the false charges? Who is behind all of these incidents?


With all the suspense clouding around ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ actress Elizabeth Moss threw a brilliant performance with  co-star Oliver Jackson-Cohen who came in light after a breathtaking performance in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. The movie has some unique twists. But the story made it feel like all the focus was on the character ‘Cecililia’. Even though there were other key characters, not enough information was provided. Despite the loopholes the movie is a great thriller with a bit sci-fi touch. The dark aura in cinematography was good enough to give a mysterious look. Unsettling and unravelling twists were almost everywhere. There was violence and also a little touch of action. The almost flawless direction of Leigh Whannell and fantastic editing will make spending time on it worthwhile. So this 2020 film is worth a shot with some popcorn to calm the nerves.

Image source: https://pin.it/27MU32H


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