The Alienist

Series: The Alienist (2017-2020)

Country: USA

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Psychothriller

Seasons: 1, 2

Episodes: 18


The Alienist is the adaptation of the novel with same name by Caleb Carr. This historical fiction and crime psychothriller grabbed attention very quickly. With only two seasons and 18 episodes in total is able to meet up expectation if you love suspense and mystery. Nonetheless,  three protagonists of the series were Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and beautiful Dakota Fanning. They did a fantastic job portraying their designated characters and the way of expression was quite effective to attach  viewers with the stories.


The storyline starts portraying a 19th century American society where young boys where mysteriously murdered in New York City. Police were struggling to find out what really happened.  That is where the three member team intervened. Luke Evans as the newspaper illustrator John Moore,  Daniel Bruhl as the alienist or the psychiatrist Dr. Laszlo Kriezler and Dakota Fanning as the New York police secretary Ms. Sara Howard started their secret investigation to catch a dangerous serial killer who is at lose ravaging in New York City killing little boys who worked as prostitutes. Dr. Kriezler applied his very own psychological techniques which was unfamiliar and unpopular at that period to unravel the mystery.  His friends John and Sara helped him with all the information they could collect.  Of course there were collisions with the police as they were not authorised to do the investigation on their own. This is the story of first season . The second season was also about a serial killer who killed babies.

The cinematography was brilliant that created  tension with a gloomy atmosphere. The 19th century world was still unfamiliar with psychology and psychotherapy. The performer these therapies  was called an Alienist as it was about interaction with alienated behaviours of human mind.  People were not sure about whether to put their trust on these methods. In the series the character of Dr. Kriezler played it well enough to represent a psychologist making his way in society.  There is also Sara Howard who was the first female to work at New York police department represented feminism and fought to break social barriers as a woman. Illustration could even be a job at that time – this idea was vaguely displayed by John Moore.  On top of it the series also portrayed new scientific processes in investigation. There were turn of events throughout the seasons. Emotional dilemmas,  childhood traumas and shaping of one’s personality was in the heart. How every incident was connected to other and building up relationships made it more intense specifically in last season.

Detailed storyline with and disintegration of character history or personality development made it a masterpiece which is applaud. So not watching the show might be regretting.

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