Thittam Irandu 2021

Movie: Thittam Irandu

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Romance

Director: Vignesh Karthick

Country: India


A female police officer Athira is transferred in Chennai for her duty. On the way she meets Arjun who is an aspiring actor. They have a pleasant conversation. Arjun again meets Athira in her station for acting purposes. But soon they develop feelings for each other and it reaches their decision to marriage. But suddenly Athira gets a call and is notified that her childhood best friend Surya went missing.

Surya was married to Kishore who was a doctor.  Athira asks every detail about Surya to her husband. So she stars investigation.  Kishore lies about his hidden phone to Athira.  After a while Surya’s deadbody is discovered. She died in a car accident and the car was burnt.  This upsets Athira as she lost her closest friend. But she denies it to be an accident. She thinks someone killed her and it was planned. From cctv footage she finds a handicap man coming out of Surya’s house. Meanwhile a murder of a girl takes place. When she finds the murderer, it turns out to be the same man who pretended to be a handicap. But he denies killing Surya. Rather he reveals that he a young man in her house that night. The story moves with a lot twists and turns. The movie has an astonishing ending which nobody can ever expect. There are so many hidden details throughout the movie that will finally interconnect with each other.

This Tamil- language film has all the unexpected twists you can imagine. The beginning, the middle part and the ending will give you different feelings. The the final mystery is shown at its very end. So you must watch till the end to witness the unravelling of all these knots. The actors and actresses did a brilliant job to portray their parts and made this film worthwhile. You can enjoy this film with you friends on a night stay or when passing boring time. In a a word, a stunning thriller for recent release.


Aishwarya Rajesh

Pavel Navageethan

Gokul Anand

Subash Selvam

Ananya Ramprasad

And more.





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