What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Series: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018)

Genre: Comedy,  Romance

Season: 1

Episodes: 16

Country: South Korea


Kim  Mi-so has been the personal secretary of Lee Young-joon who is the vice chairman of a giant company. Young-joon is a perfectionist and a workaholic. His works are mostly managed very smoothly by secretary Kim. She has working for Young-joon for nine years. Both of them have a very professional relationship and everything they have are business related.  Young-joon is self obsessed and thinks about his perfect image all the time. Also makes secretary Kim work on the weekends too. Everything was going smooth. But suddenly Mi-so asks for her resignation for some personal reasons.

Young-joon agrees at first but slowly he can’t accept it. He spends sleepless nights thinking about it. He can’t figure out why. At first he thinks maybe Mi-so likes him so she is quiting the job. But when he confronts her Mi-so tells him that she wants live on her own terms starting anew. She wants time for herself. She wants to date, get married and have a family. But these reasons don’t strick Young-joon. They aren’t as important to him. He even offered her promotion and more money. But she still denies. Young-joon is stubborn. He doesn’t want to lose his secretary Kim. So he offers her to marry him and keep the job. What do you think will happen now? Will Mi-so agree or is there something more than Mi-so said? To find out you must watch this K-drama.

The series is a very popular show adapted fro webtoon series of the same name. There are romance, comedy and mysteries to spice it up. This is a must watch. The casting and location are too good. The dialogues are funny and adorable. I’m sure you will have a great time.



Park Seo-joon

Park Min-young

Lee Tae-hwan

Kim Byeong-ok

Kang Ki-young

And more.


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