’96 (2018)

Movie: ’96

Genre: Romance,  Drama

Director: C. Premkumar

Country: India


The follows a professional photographer Ram. He comes near the area where he used to live in his teenage. He comes with a group of his students for teaching them photography. Then he thinks about visiting his school and meets the watchman. The memories from the early days of his life makes him nostalgic. So he calls his friends and they all decide to arrange a reunion in Chennai of their batch ’96. After 2 months the reunion takes place and everybody seems so happy to meet after so many years.

But they all start talking about a friend still not attending the occasion. It was non other than Ram’s love interest Jaanu. They became friends when they were in 10th grade. January was a very talented singer. Ram slowly developed feelings for her. After board  exams Jaanu tells him not to forget her. But in 11th grade when she was eagerly waiting for Ram he never showed up. Later she learns that Ram and his family relocated to Madras due to his father’s financial problems.  But Jaanu finally arrives at the reunion. At first it was very uncomfortable as they were meeting after 22 years. But they do start conversation. They talk about their past and what it was like back then. How they lost each other and Jaau had to marry another guy. Ram tells her that he once came to her college to meet her and sent a message through a student. But she never came. Jaanu apologies to throw that away thinking it was her stalker. A lot of things happen from then. Their past and present start to collide in a heart warming way.

This movie is so beautiful that you will be lost in thoughts with a subtle pain. How things could end but how it actually ended was undeniable. But one moved on and another held on. The depiction of love was really touched and then there was pain for the lost love. So for romance lovers this movie is a must watch. Enjoy your evening with a fantastic film.


Vijay Sethupathi


Gouri G. Kishan




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Image source : https://pin.it/2FbIoXz


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