Train To Busan 2016

Movie: Train To Busan

Genre: Horror,  Action

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Country: South Korea


The movie is about a zombie apocalypse the occurs in South Korea due a chemical leakage in a biotech plant. It rapidly spreads across the country. Unknown to that occurrence Seo Seok-woo a divorced father was going to take his daughter Su-an to her mother because it was her birthday. He is a workaholic and a clumsy father. To fulfill her daughter’s wish the get on the train to Busan. A lot of people got into the train including a baseball team, Yoon Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife and more. Right before boarding the train they hear chaos outside. Seeing as very bad circumstances the train starts but an infected passenger boards at the eleventh hour.

Soon she turns into a zombie and infects a whole rear. The other passengers move to the other rears and shut the door.  They reach another station for safety by the military but they learn that military itself has turned into zombies. Imside the train there is constant fight to save each other’s lives. The passengers figure out they must face the zombies and kill them to survive. The baseball team fights with their bats. But it becomes harder and one by one starts turning into zombies. Now only Seok-woo, Su-an, Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife are left. But Sang-hwa also sacrifices himself as he gets bitten to save his wife. Now the other three starts their survival quest against these zombies.

Train To Busan is a wonder movie. If you don’t like zombie movies this one is perfect for you because it’s not a usual one. It has love, sacrifice, father-daughter heart warming emotions and saving the loved ones. This action movie holds a lot of emotions. The film was a breakthrough around the world. A sequel Peninsula was released in 2020. So it’s a  must watch.


Gong Yoo

Ma Dong-seok

Kim Su-an

Jung Yu-mi

Choi Woo-shik

Ahn So-hee

Kim Eui-sung

And more.

Image source : https://pin.it/4sqdTfX


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