Alive 2020

Movie: Alive

Genre: Horror, Action

Director: Cho Il-hyung

Country: South Korea


The movie starts with a boy name Joon-woo who is a streamer. He was at his parents’ apartment while a mysterious disease broke out infecting thousands of people. They became zombie after the infection. When Jin-woo watches the news he locks himself in his house but a neighbour forcefully enters and begs to let him stay. Unfortunately the neighbour was infected and starts attacking Jin-woo. He somehow throws him out of the house and puts the fridge behind the main doors. He receives his parents’ voicemail that they are safe. Now his whole neighbourhood becomes infected. An infected man manages to enter ruining the fridge and the food. Joon-woo tricks him and gets rid of him.

Joon-woo posts his survival news on social media. But gradually he loses every contact, running water, electricity and food. He becomes hungry and hallucinates his mother and sister. He uses his drone to look for network and hears his family getting killed. This makes him feel devastated so he tries to commit suicide. At the very last moment a laser light is pointed on his head. He discovers another surviver, a girl right opposite to his apartment. He comes down and tries to communicate with her. They exchange names. Her name was Yoo-bin. Joon-woo send a rope with his drone and they pass food to each other. But an infected firefighter climbs with that rope to Yoo-bin’s apartment when Yoo-bin falls unconscious. Joon-woo tries to stop it but fails. Just before entering Yoo-bin cuts his hand and he falls. Joon-woo sends her walkie-talkie and some from his neighbour. Unfortunately now the infected horde become hungrier and starts entering the appartments and attacking for food. Now what will Joon-woo and Yoo-bin do ? Will they survive in the end?

This zombie movie has bit bit different story then any other. There are few unexpected twists which made the movie more interesting and you will not get bored. This film is worth a try. Unlike any other Netflix movie you may even want to watch it again.


Yoo Ah-in

Park Shin-hye

Lee Hyun-wook

Oh Hye-won

Yoo Yeon

And more.



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