Anubis is the God of Death in Egyptian Mythology. In ancient Egypt, death was not tye end. In fact with the belief of the existence of afterlife, they used to do a lot of rituals as if it was some sort of ceremony. The giant pyramids in Egypt are basically tombs of people and animals. They modified men women and even animals and birds inside the pyramids with so much gold, gems and jewelleries. But what would a dead person do with all these precious after their death?

Well they believed that the journey of afterlife is very long so they need these precious and leave the world with security. Then there is a powerful God guarded the gates to a utopian sanctuary. The soul was believed to be going beyond that gate and life on earth was just a stop. The souls would go the Field of Reeds which was an everlasting paradise. Here the souls would live in peace and never die. They would receive rewards for their good deeds on earth. Only the good and righteous would reach there. Before that a soul must travel from tombs into the afterlife. Some would go on foot and Kings would arrive by handcrafted ships. It was like the sun God who would sail into the underworld when sun set. Now every souls would gather before the God of Death- Anubis for judgment. He would put their hearts on scales against a white feather of truth. Judgement was passed by measuring how pure a heart was. Only the pure souls would reach the Field of Reeds.

To learn more the Anubis and afterlife you can watch this amazing video by Koranos.




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