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We often mention that microbes reside on our body. They are everywhere in our skin, teeth, hair,nails as well as inside our body- such as the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary tract. But these creatures living are also feeding on us, taking shelter, nutrition and making our body their homes.

But should we get concerned and kill them all? The answer is NO. We cannot live without them. Only the ones which are beneficial. They help us to digest food, strengthen immunity, kill pathogens and many more thing that are yet to be discovered. Then there are some who are neither beneficial nor actually harmful. They are just there. But if our immune system somehow gets weakened such as during pregnancy, terminal disease, too much antibiotic consume,  these microbes become opportunistic pathogens. They become the reason our some deadly diseases. So what about the other pathogens?

Well most microbes living on our body are not harmful. But the really harmful ones such as viruses, bacteria and fungus that cause flu, STD, diarrhoea etc may come via a vector or carrier. Vectors are fly, mosquito, mites and other bugs or animals. About human carrier some carry pathogens that remain asymptomatic in them but becomes harmful in others bodies. In this video documentary all these topic are thoroughly discussed and many experiments are shown with results by DW. You should check this out to learn more.




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