The Butterfly Effect


The butterfly effect is not a very unknown term. In fact there are Hollywood movies, series that depict the idea with much entertainment. But what is butterfly effect? Does it have any scientific sense? Or its just a theory?

Well, to be simple the butterfly effect mean a very small thing like a butterfly flapping its wings can have an effect on the tornado happening thousands of miles away. You finds the mentions in not only movies but also, short clips, books and even memes. Looks more like the idea has captured more attention in Pop culture. A tiny insignificant choice you make in your life can have a greater impact in your future. As it relates to future prediction, people get more fascinated. About finding its scientific basis, we can look into the theories of force and universal gravitational constant given by Newton. After he cae up with his theories almost everything became predictable. We can predict rotation of planets, velocity of comets and even eclipses so accurately. Other scientists like Laplace has given an idea about an intellect who knows about the future. If data can be collection from it then we can succeed predict the future. That’s solely based from the viewpoint of physics.

Think about a 2D plot of a pendulum representing every possible state, every possible thing it can do in one graph. Here phase pace is shown in the video by Veritasium so that you can understand better. This is a part of Newtonian physics. But Newton himself did not submit to his equations specially about the three body problem. From here on the video gets deeper with all the possibilities. To know more you can the video and search all about the butterfly effect and science behind it.




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