Archive 81

Series: Archive 81

Genre: Horror,  Sci-fi,  Mystery

Seasons: 1, —

Episodes: 8

Country: US 


Dan is an archivist. His work is to restore damaged tapes. So he is hired by Virgil Davenport to restore some tapes of a PhD student Melody. Melody stayed in an apartment called Visser in 1994 to conduct her research. Dan is given a place to quietly conduct his restoration work. At first he did not agree to this project but Virgil emotionally manipulated him by indectly mentioning about Dan’s painful past. Dan’s family died in a housefire when he was just a kid. The memories still haunt him. He has a friend named Mark who he frequently talks about his tasks on everyday basis. Mark tells him that the place is full of hidden cameras to keep an eye on him as he could hack them.

Dan starts restoring Melody’s tapes one by one and watches them. In her tapes she reveals about the people living in Visser. She wanted to interview them but nobody paid heed. In the apartment she meet a girl called Jess. Jess agreed to help her taking interviews. She also tells about her strange mental condition and said people living here were taken. Although Melody doesn’t understand anything but she feels something strange was going on in the apartment. She started taking interviews of Tamara, Beatrice and other residents.  Beatrice tells her that she thinks there is secret sex ckilub in this apartment. She can hear noises at night. Beatrice was a tarot card reader so she offered Melody to read hers. It strongly showed death in her future. Here Melody reveals that she actually came to search for her mother. But Beatrice only tells about an old resident who nobody has seen yet. Like this strage things about the appartment start to appear in her tapes as Dan watches them. In some tapes Dan feels like Melody was talking to him. He also dozed off while working and met her talking like she was real. But every time he wakes up and thinks it was a dream. But very mysteriously he sees his dad in one of her tapes. Now what will Dan do?

The series is full of mysterious events that will confuse you until the very last episode. Although many things are kept to unravel in the next season. The show worth a try on Netflix if you want Horror, Mystery and Sci-fi altogether.


Mamoudou Athie

Dina Shihabi

Julia Chan

Evan Jonigkeit

Matt McGorry

Martin Donovan

And more.




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