Deeper in the Sea


Whatever we see or have ever been discovered is just a tiny a part and most of that is on ground. So what about the vast water of earth? It is said that approximately only 5% of the sea and its living beings have been discovered. Have ever imagined what’s beyond that?

The deeper the diver goes into the ocean the more pressure he or she feels. It’s not a very easy task. The oxygen of a diver’s tank can turn out to be poisonous as well. Also there are risks of sea creatures attacking them. Deep inside the water there’s less and less light. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t any creatures who live deep down the ocean. As far as it has been discovered that many fishes have microorganisms living as mutualism around their eyes or head are able to produce bioluminescence which is light to assist these fishes to see in the dark. Also different species have different mechanical as predators. In movies or fictions many imaginary sea creatures have been mentioned such as mermaids,  sirens, trench monsters, cyclops etc. But nobody knows if they exist in real life. To know more you can watch this amazing animation full of information by Kursgesgt- In A Nustshell. Happy watching.



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