Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side

Series:  Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side (2020)

Genre: Crime,  Thriller, Mystery

Season: 1, —

Episodes : 8—

Country: India 


The story starts by showing a young boy performing religious rituals with his father with the help of a priest in Varanas. Then it shifts back to present day. A well known India forensic expert Nikhil Nair who once left CBI and joined in USA to be a teacher on forensic expertise is called back to India to solve a mysterious case. This also makes him work with his former mentor Dhanjay Rajpoot. Because of some unpleasant arguments with Dhanjay, Nikhil left CBI.  The killer was really smooth in his killings. Everybody was trying to find out the killing pattern.  All of the deadbodies had a finger cut. And they all had a monster mask on.

Some young and talented brains joined their team. Meanwhile Dhanjay’s wife was killed and murdered. All the  evidences pointed towards Dhanraj framing him and he was sent to jail. Nikhil gets trapped in the killer’s plan and the killer kidnapps him to an isolated place. From that point the killer makes Nikhil to execute his masterplan. Without showing his face the killer reveals some of his life incidents and the reason why he kidnapped Nikhil.

The show is full of mysteries and a lot of twists and turns. But I found many flaws in the story. Like the story had too many convoluted theories. Overall it was thrilling. But if you are a Korean drama fan you find some concepts similar to them. This show is worth a shot.


Arshad Warsi

Barun Sobti

Anupriya Goenka

Sharib Hashmi

Amey Wagh

And more.







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