Atonement 2007

  1. Movie: Atonement

Genre: Romance, Tragedy

Director: Joe Wright

Country: UK, France,  Germany


The story begins almost a decade before WWII. Briony Tallis , a 13 year old girl belongs to a wealthy family in England.  She has an elder sister called Cecililia.  Briony often spies on her sister and the housekeeper’s son Robbie. She has a crush on him. Although Cecililia and Robbie liked each other, Briony being unknown of the fact misinterpretes some of their acts. One day She saw Robbie shouting at Cecililia over making her careful about a broken vase. She stripes and goes into the fountain water to bring a broken piece of it. From afar Briony thinks that Robbie assaulted her.

In the meantime Robbie writes an explicit letter for Cecililia but then writes a formal apology and gives it to Briony to deliver. But Briony reads it and tells to her 15 year old cousin, Lola. Lola tells her that Robbie is an eccentric pervert. On that day Briony’s elder brother’s friend  Paul comes to visit them. He had an eye over Lola. Unfortunately when Cecililia and Robbie were having some intimate moments Briony sees them and thinks that Robbie was raping her sister. Then they all have dinner together.  After dinner Lola’s brother goes missing.  While everybody goes on a search Briony finds Lola getting raped by a man. Without any proof she accuses Robbie for that and he gets arrested.  But Cecililia doesn’t believe her little sister. This false accusation ruins Cecililia and Robbie’s life preventing them to have a future together.  After four years as a prisoner Robbie chooses to be a soldier and goes in wars. On the other hand Cecililia becomes a nurse helping the wounded.  They are both far away from each other. Cecililia doesn’t forgive Briony and doesn’t reply to her letters. Meanwhile Robbie comes back from war and gets to meet Cecililia. She tells him to come back to her. He first denies then agrees. In wars Robbie often thinks about Cecililia and writes about her.

When Briony turns 18 she becomes a nurse too. She visits Lola’s wedding with Paul and realises it was him who raped Lola. Being guilty she visits Cecililia and apologises revealing the truth.  There she Robbie living with her sister and apologises to his too. Enraged Robbie tells her that she ruined his life and instructs to make new statements about the false charges.  Cecililia agrees and leaves. But even after all this Cecililia and Robbie couldn’t make it together. Robbie dies because of his infection right before boarding to come home. And after a few months Cecililia die because there was a blast in the shelter tunnel.  Later on an old famous novelist Briony is shown giving an interview about her last novel. She tells that she gave a happy ending to Cecililia and Robbie in the story as her atonement.

This is a marvellous romantic tragedy directed by Joe Wright.  The amazing story will pierce right through anyone’s heart. The love, pain, lose and guilt were the main ingredients that made it a perfect movie. The end was really tragic. You might get the feeling of unfairness. But this is how it ends. Overall the movie had a great cast with beautiful scenery around. The settings and costume design were just on point. This unfinished love movie based on Ian Megan’s novel of same name is worth a shot.


James MacAvoy

Keira Knightley

Saoirse Ronan

Benedict Cumberbatch

Vanessa Redgrave

Juno Temple

and more.


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