Coco 2017

Movie: Coco

Genre: Adventure,  Fantasy

Director: Lee Unkrich

Country: USA


Miguel,  a Mexican little boy is fond of music. But his family forbids doing kind of music and song because his great-great-grandfather left his wife Imelda and daughter Coco to pursue a music career and never came back. So the family shifted to shoe business. Even after all restrictions Miguel practises music in secret.  One day he discovers a family photo of mama Coco and her family  but his great–great-grandfather’s face  war torned off. He was holding the guitar of a late famous musician Ernesto de la Cruz.  He assumes his great-great-grandfather was Ernesto. So he goes to mausoleum and steals the guitar. By doing so he becomes cursed and reaches the land of dead.

He meet Imelda there and realises that if doesn’t go back before sunrise he will become among the dead and never return.  So he had to take Imelda’s blessing but she puts a condition in front of Miguel.  He has to let go music.  Being angry he leaves and thinks about taking the blessing from de la Cruz himself.  One his way he meets Hector who was a trickster. He also loved music when he was alive. He listened to Miguel’s story and agrees to help . In return he wanted his help as well. In the land of dead the have get recognised by the memory of someone who is still alive to pass the gate of heaven.  Since nobody remembered Hector he couldn’t pass it. So he tells Miguel to remind anybody of his family about him. Miguel agrees. But first they have to reach de la Cruz. On the other hand Imelda and her dead family members started looking for Miguel. While hiding he finally reaches de la Cruz. Miguel tell him that they are relatives and he loves his music.  He also dreams to be a famous musician like him. But his family is against it. De la Cruz got amazed to hear it and inspires him about music. He takes Miguel and shows his creation that got him fame. Suddenly Hector comes and accuses de la Cruz stealing his music. Seeing this Miguel gets confused and it is revealed that de la Cruz and Hector were best friends.  But when Hector decided to leave music and return to his family and daughter de la Cruz killed him and stole all his music. Leter on the world knew his a talented musician. Nobody got to know about Hector. It turns out Hector was Miguel’s great-great-grandfather. Being cautious de la Cruz takes away Hector’s photo and doesn’t give Miguel his blessings. Then Miguel and Hector got thrown into a  cenote pit. While they were trapped Miguel was running out of time. How will the get out? Will everyone get to know what actually happened? To find out watch this amazing movie.

Coco is just another amazing creation of Pixar animation.  The characters,  the effects and the breathtaking story made it marvellous. Hence it had to win Academy Awards and other awards.


Anthony Gonzalez

Gael Garcia Bernal

Benjamin Bratt

Alanna Ubach

Ana Ofelia Murguia

Carla Medina

and more.


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