Be With You 2018

Movie: Be With You

Genre: Romance,  Drama

Director: Lee Jang-hoon

Country: South Korea


The movie begins with a beautiful animation scene where a mother penguin is seen to be watching her baby from a place between earth and heaven. Her child misses her and left alone. On a rainy day the mother penguin comes down on earth to her child and they spend happy moments together. But a fairy comes to the mother and says she must return as the rainy days are ending.  If she doesn’t go she will never see her child. It was sad for both of them but they understood and gave each other one last hug.

This scene was actually a story book made by Soo-ah for her son Ji-ho. Soo-ah died from illness when Ji-ho was only a kid. Her husband Woo-jin loved her so much. The father and son are now left alone. Their days pass with misery as they miss Soo-ah. Still life moves on. Woo-jin tries to take care of his son and does everything to keep him happy.  But some relatives were talking about Soo-ah’s illness that started with the birth of Ji-ho. Ji-ho is devastated and blames himself for his mother’s death. But that storybook gives him hope that one rainy day his mother will come back home. He even tells his dad but Woo-jin can’t really tell him it’s not gonna happen. Woo-jin is also suffering from a condition where he cannot work hard, play sports of run. Otherwise he collapses. He watches Soo-ah’s videos with the family and cries. Meanwhile Ji-ho tries everything to bring rain. One day it really rains and Ji-ho runs to the railway as the mother penguin in his book came back in the same place. Woo-jin accompanies him and tells him that his mother won’t come. But suddenly they see a woman sitting inside the tunnel. Ji-ho ru.s off saying Soo-ah came back. When Woo-jin goes near he sees it was actually Soo-ah but she had no memory. So they take her home and tell everything. Also they decide to keep her arrival a secret. It was a miracle and they couldn’t figure out how a dead person came alive. The story takes turns and a lot of unexpected events happen.

This is a story about losing and coping up with the loss of loved ones. People often blame themselves and live in misery. But loved ones never want that. So they must honour them and live fully for them. An amazing story , fun moments and lots of loved made this film wonderful. It’s a must watch. Also it’s a remake of a Japanese film with the same name.


So Ji-sub

Son Ye-jin

Park Seo-joon

Kim Ji-hwan

And more.

Image: https://pin.it/6seJaOB


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