The Incredibles 2004

Movie: The Incredibles

Genre: Action, Comedy,  Family, Animation

Director: Brad Bird

Country: US


Once famous superheroes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are now living normal life with their kids like common people. Till the 1950s the superheroes saved the cities but people turned against them because of several damaging incidents. A lawsuit was made and the superheroes were forced to leave their supernatural abilities and live like normal human beings. Bob and Helen Parr are former Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. They have two sons Dash and baby Jack-Jack and a daughter Violet who is the eldest and very shy. Dash is superfast and in elementary school. Violet could be invisible and create force fields.

The kids were not allowed to use their powers outside home. Bob has a boring job and an annoying boss. He has put on weight as well. But at night he and his best friend Lucius who is also a former superhero, Frozone,  relieves their glory days as vigilante by moonlighting. Helen has become an all time housewife. One day they hear news of a friend,  a former superhero went missing. Also everything starts getting messed up in Bob’s life and he gets fired from the job. He receives a messege from a gray haired lady that her organisation knows who he is. They want him to come to the organisation. They have a mission for him and he will get a higher payment. He has to go to Nomanisan island and destroy a tripod-like robot which accomplishes. He secretly get a new super suite made by Edna the desiner who makes supesuits. His days become brighter and he improves his relationship with the family. But Helen doesn’t know that Bob was lying about his job. But Bob was kept in dark too. He was hired by an organisation that worked to kill superheroes. It was founded by Bob’s former fan who wanted to be his sidekick but Bob rejected him. Him name was Buddy Pine , now Syndrome. He planned to kill Mr. Incredible by tricking him to go to Nomanisan island again and another giant tripod-like robot. But he manages to escape and finds his missing superhero friend’s corpse. Meanwhile Helen gets suspicious yo find a gray hair on Bob’s clothes. She thinks he was cheating on him and goes to Edna to find out the truth.  Edna tells about making Bob’s suit. She also tells that she thought Helen knew about this so she made suits for the whole family. A the suits have trackers so she can also trace Bob’s whereabouts. Helen realised that Bob must be in trouble so she pilots a private jet alone to the island. But the kids were hiding in the plane without her knowledge. Unfortunately the plane got targeted by the organisation and there were missiles launched. How will they survive now?

The movie is one of the best superhero animation movies. There are lots of action and comedy. Also some serious family moments. It won two Academy Awards along with others. The sequel came in 2018. So it’s a must watch.


Craig T. Nelson

Holly Hunter

Sarah Vowell

Spencer Fox

Jason Lee

Samuel L. Jackson

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/6l4JYRp


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