The Call 2020

Movie: The Call

Genre: Thriller,  Drama, Mystery

Director: Lee Chung-hyun

Country: South Korea


Kim Seo-yeon, a 28 year old lady loses her phone when she was travelling to see her sick mother. The year is 2019. She doesn’t really like her mother but as the only family left she visits her. After that she goes to her childhood home that was near her mother’s facility.  There she finds a very old cordless and calls in her phone. Someone picks up but denies giving it back. She calls again but now it’s switched off. Later the cordless rings. She thought it was about her phone but a girl calls and tells that she is in danger and if someone an save her from er mother. Her mother tortures her.

Seo-yeon finds an abandoned basement in the house and there she finds some evidence of witchcraft and a chair with a Teddy bear. She investigates about it and finds out there lived a girl named Young-sook with her adoptive mother. Her mother used to do witchcraft but it was in 1999.  Seo-yeon realises that the calls were coming from the year 1999. They continued communicating with each other. Young-sook was lonely and her mother never let her out. So they talked all day. Seo-yeon shares that her father died in a fire because her mother forgot to turn off the stove. Meanwhile in 1999  a very young Seo-yeon and her father comes to visit Young-sook’s house to discuss the matter of buying it. Young-sook tells Seo-yeon about it. She tells that she will save her father by turning off the stove. When she does that Seo-yeon’s life in 2019 starts to change and she sees her mother and father living happily in their house. She thanks Young-sook and starts spending more time with her family.  But Young-sook falls alone again and gets angry. She yells at Seo-yeon for abandoning her but Young-sook’s mother comes and cuts the call. That day Seo-yeon finds out on the Internet that Young-sook’s mother will kill her during an exorcism. So she helps Young-sook with that information and saves her. Life’s changes in 1999 as well. But the horror was about to come. Young-sook turns out to be a serial killer and starts threatening Seo-yeon for more information. Whe Seo-yeon denies helping her anymore she kills her father. Everything starts to collapse and things take an odd turn.

This thrilling movie was made based on British and Puerto Rican film The Caller. A lot of mysterious events collide with each other. But the movie heavily portrays that the consequences of manipulating future will only be full of miseries. To see what happens in the end you must watch it. A perfect movie for thriller lovers.


Park Shin-hye

Jeon Jong-seo

Kim Sung-ryung

Lee El

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/4L7eF0r


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