Clash of The Titans 2010

Movie: Clash of The Titans

Genre: Fantasy,  Mythology,  Action

Director: Louis Leterrier

Country: US,Australia


The movie follows a legendary story of Greek gods defeating the titans and ruling the world. Zeus got the skies , Posidon got the seas and Hades was left to rule the underworld. Humans worshipped them which fed them to stay powerful and immortal. But with time humans grow rebellious against them and start defying the gods. During the siege of King Acrisius on Mount Olympus Zeus tricks the King’s wife Queen Danae and sleeps with her. A child is born to her. His name was perseus. The angry King executed the Queen and locks her with baby perseus only to throw in the sea. But at that moment Zeus strikes him with lightning and deforms him. Perseus is found by a fisherman and is raised.

After many years Perseus is a strong young man helping his family to catch fish. But they reach a place where people were pulling down a statue of Zeus. But Hades comes and kills them. That causes a shipwreck where Perseus’s family members die and he is left alone. Now he wants revenge against the gods too. Then he is brought before King Sepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. They were celebrating their movements against gods but their daughter Princess Andromeda was not supporting them. The Queen’s too much arrogant speech brings Hades on the court. He kills the Queen and tells the people to sacrifice the princess. Otherwise he will unleash his monster Kraken on Argos. Before leaving the court he reveals that Perseus was a demigod. Now the king locks him up. A mysterious woman Io who was cursed with immortality confirms that Perseus was the son of Zeus. He, Io and Kings soldiers led by Draco start the quest to find Stygian witches and learn a cure to stop the Kraken and save the princess. The journey becomes harder with many disruptions and trials. On the journey a lot of men are killed. Meanwhile Hades informs King Acrisius about Perseus and his journey. He tells this the chance to take revenge from Hades and gives him power to kill Perseus. Hades was actually planning to take over his brother by betraying them. But Perseus doesn’t want to consider Zeus as his father after what he did. But Zeus visits him and blesses him with a sword and a gold coin. Which were helpful for him t survive.

The movie has a lot of action scenes and full of excitements. The story may seem a little off the charts but you cannot ignore the amazing visual effects and cinematography. A perfect movie for Mythology lovers.


Sam Worthington

Liam Neeson

Ralph Fiennes

Gemma Arterton

And more.


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