Howl 2015

Movie: Howl

Genre: Horror

Director: Paul Hyett

Country: UK


Joe Griffin is a train guard in the Alpha Trax. He is forced to take a night duty because the other one got sick. The train will scheduled to depart for London at midnight. But he is somewhat happy to be with the trolly girl Ellen. She doesn’t know that Joe secretly feels for her. But there is full moon and thunderstorm. The train starts for London.  Unfortunately it stops in the middle of a forest which is far away from the final destination. Because the trait a deer that caused it to derail. The driver gets off the train and find the deer stuck. To get it away he gets its blood on him. A werewolf smells the blood and attacks the drivers then kills him.

The train shook a little and there was a loud noise. But the passengers ignored it. As the driver was taking too time some concerns were risen. Also they get angry as the rescue team cannot come any soon due to trees fallen over the tracks. So they want to get off the train and walk to final station. But Joe and Ellen didn’t want them to as part of their duty. But they all get of forcefully.  After waking for a short while they here some noise coming from bushes. Then the werewolves started howling. Joe and Ellen find the driver’s body. So they quickly head back to train. The wolves were chasing them and bit a passenger, Jenny. But she was pulled back into the train. Now all them are scared because they have never seen such creatures. Jenny gets bandaged up. While others try to figure out how to get through this. They call for help but no one picks. Also the trains fuel was leaked. If it could get repaired they could move. Bjt the werewolves start to get break in and take one by one. The remaining passengers move to different cars. But Jenny was slowly turning into a werewolf and started attacking all. But they manage to kill some werewolves. They find one was wearing a wedding ring. So they realised it used to be human. One of them recall a dangerous event occurred years ago in this very forest and no one was alive.  Will they be able to get out alive? Watch till the end to know the grim.

The movie has a lot of suspense and horrifyingly moments. The unfortunate events may shiver you. Of course there are graphic scenes too. But over all it is good horror film worth watching.


Ed Speleers

Holly Weston

Sean Pertwee

Ania Marson

Amit Shah

And more.

Image source: https://pin.it/2rcZbPT


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