Cockroaches Are Hard To Kill


Cockroaches are some creatures we always try to get rid off. People say they have been living with us since the dinosaurs. Amazingly the dinosaurs perished but they remained with us eating our food, spreading diseases and ruining our things. Even in modern age we struggle to get them out of our house. But why is it so hard to kill them.

There are about five thousand species of cockroaches. A lot of them stay here and there around human habitation. But the most common are the American and German species. They are almost everywhere around the world. They have adapted themselves so well that nothing can kill them easily.  The American species have a specialised antenna that can detect presence of harmful chemicals from far away.  So they can escape it. Also they are very fast at running that you can’t easily catch or smash them. It flattened and flexible body can get through very small holes. So it’s really easy to for them to hide. It can withstand a lot of pressure so smashing then with our feet can be useless sometimes.

Cockroaches have the ability to survive in a very low nutrition place. They can eat almost anything even hair, dead skin and more. They can even store nitrogen in their body. And their gut bacteria can recycle the nitrogen too. On the other hand German cockroaches eat their own feces, dead skin and dead members. They eat various bacterial species and suffer no consequences.  That’s because their DNA is specially designed to give them a stronger immunity.  Which are some very obvious reasons to know why we cannot easily kill cockroaches.

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