What’s Hidden Under Civilizations


Every Civilization has their unique identity. Some are famous for their cuisine, some in fashion,  medicine,  technology and more. But there are 2 things that determine the development of a civilization according to Nikolai Kardishev who was a Soviet union scientist. These are energy and technology. The more energy a nation has the more technology it can produce. And more technology means more advanced a civilization is as new energy can be controlled.

Nikolai also said there are levels of progress. But all the technologies we have now such a SpaceX, Tesla, IPHONE,  Amazon we still couldn’t reach the first level. When humanity learns to extract energy from everything, it will then reach the first level.  Level two will have energy extracted from the sun and its solar system. This sounds pretty cool but unimaginable too. A lot of novels and movies talk about the theories that make it possible. But we have done nothing but destroying our dear Earth. We wasted our resources and destroyed them. But we could extract energy like the levels we would cause pollution. The videos amazingly described all the civilization secrets about civilization. This vdo bt Riddell is a must watch.




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